As any property owner will know, your roof is in place to protect your building from the elements. While its main purpose is to keep rain and wind out, it also stops wildlife and debris getting into your home or commercial property.

All that said, roofs that aren’t in a good condition can be susceptible to damage. Even worse, this damage can come from the very things they’re meant to keep out. Read on as we discuss three ways mother nature can impact your roof.

1.   Weather

Weather is of course the most common culprit for damaging your roof. If rain penetrates your roof’s covering, it can cause damage to the timbers – not to mention the rest of the building. Similarly, wind can be problematic if it gets under any loose tiles or flashing, causing them to pull further away from the roof – or even blow off.

What’s important to note here is that, by and large, weather is not a threat to a well installed roof. Roofs that are properly secured and watertight will have no issues holding up against the wind and keeping out the rain.

2.   Wildlife

Another potential issue for your roof is the nesting of various forms of wildlife. Birds, rats, bats and squirrels have all been known to enter roof spaces or chimneys, where they can create nests and potentially breed.

It’s safe to say nobody wants a rat or squirrel infestation in their home, and fortunately these two culprits can be dealt with by pest control. On the other hand, bats and birds both have legal protection, meaning it’s against the law to remove, damage or disturb their nests.

The good news is that the protected wildlife – birds and bats – don’t tend to cause damage to your home. While rats and squired can gnaw at wood and wires, birds and bats will simply exploit existing damage to enter your roof or create a nest.

In all cases, however, the best course of action is to make sure your roof is in a good condition before any wildlife can enter. If you’re concerned about wildlife using your roof or roof space, an annual inspection will identify any problem areas and keep your building protected.

3.   Trees

The main threat posed by trees to your roof is simply that their leaves fall off year upon year. Those leaves often make their way onto your roof and eventually into your gutters, which has the potential to cause further problems.

Gutters can become blocked by leaves or even crack under the pressure if leaves build up and become heavy when they hold rainwater. Thankfully, there is a simple remedy. Having your gutters professionally cleared and cleaned once a year will minimise the risk of any damage to your roof or guttering.

Aside from leaves, trees can also damage your roof when large branches fall off them – or even in the rare instance that the tree itself falls over. A good roofer will be able to spot the signs of this happening well before it occurs, allowing you to take steps to remove branches or have the tree felled.

Keep your roof protected

If you want to make sure your roof is protected from the various threats posed by mother nature, prevention is always better than the cure. With a well-maintained roof, you won’t need to worry about autumnal leaves, birds nesting or the ever-changing British weather.

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