As the days start to brighten up, it’s only natural that you want your home to be in tip top condition. Cue the arrival of spring cleaning, where most of us clear up and clear out after a winter spent mostly indoors. But it doesn’t just mean dusting off table-tops and giving the carpets a deep clean.

There are several parts of your home’s exterior which contribute just as much – if not more – to how clean and well-kept it looks. Even more importantly, these exterior features can also impact how your home functions in the long run. Read on as we list four spring cleaning checks for the outside of your home.

1.   Pointing

Pointing refers to the mortar used between bricks on the outside of your home. While good pointing might go unnoticed, it can be a real eyesore when it wears down. If pointing isn’t flush to the brickwork, or it’s crumbling or coming away, your house may need repointing.

Aside from the visual implications, keeping your pointing in a good condition can stop water getting into your home through the walls.

2.   Roof

As the umbrella to your home, your roof can make or break the overall impression people get. Even the most beautiful home won’t look the part with a shabby, old roof. Check for cracks, missing tiles, discolouration and moss.

As well as contributing to your home’s appearance, a clean and well-functioning roof will make sure there are no leaks, which can be both unsightly and damaging on the inside of your home. If you spot any problems, they may well be impacting your roof’s function as well as its form, so be sure to contact a local roofer to get them seen to.

3.   Paving

Okay, this one is purely aesthetic. The flags, brick or block paving on your home’s drive or patio can easily become discoloured over time. Because it happens gradually, you might not even notice. But everyone else will.

Cleaning them with a pressure washer can instantly give them a new lease of life, providing a fresh look at the front or back of your home.

4.   Gutters

Gutters are another part of your home’s exterior which can become dirty and messy over time. Leaves and other debris will find their way onto your roof and into your gutters. Once the rain falls, this debris becomes wet and heavy, sitting in your gutters until something’s done about it.

In the worst-case scenarios, gutters become visibly messy, not to mention the leaks and blockages which can be caused by build-ups. The solution is simply to stay on top of it with professional gutter clearance every year. Following the fall of the leaves in autumn and the wet weather of winter, there’s no better time than spring to make sure your gutters are clean and clear.

Maintaining your property this spring

While cleaning and tidying are easy tasks for any spring cleaner, most jobs on the outside of your home are best left to the professionals. If you’d like any assistance with roof repairs or guttering in Wakefield, DPR Roofing are just a phone call away.

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