A leaking roof is nobody’s idea of fun. On the upside, it’s something you can get fixed without too much hassle. But what if the leak is actually coming from your neighbour’s roof?

In this post, we’ll look at some of the ways your neighbour’s roof could cause a leak in your property and what steps you should take to get it sorted.

Why is my neighbour’s roof leaking into my property?

Every property has its own roof directly above. However, there are some problems that can lead to leaks coming across from your neighbour’s roof if you live in a semi-detached or terraced house. That’s because the roofs need to be adjoined with materials overlapped to provide a continuous, uninterrupted covering.

Missing or broken tiles near the boundary of the two roofs could cause water to leak into both properties. Additionally, your neighbour’s guttering might be leaking, which could cause water to leak onto your property, break down the pointing and allow moisture to seep in through the walls.

Another issue with adjoining properties comes from the chimney. Semi-detached and terraced houses will usually have a shared chimney stack crossing the boundary between the two properties. Water can get into the chimney stack either through poorly maintained pointing or uncapped pots, which can then seep into the houses either side.

What should you do?

As with most issues, the first step is flagging the problem. Get an experienced roofer in to inspect the damage and confirm that it’s not a problem with your roof. Take pictures or invite your neighbour in to show them the damage and explain the situation using a quote or report from the roofer.

Your neighbour might simply pay for the repairs and apologise for the inconvenience. If not, that’s where it gets more complicated.

In some cases, it’s possible to fix the problem from within your house. Experienced roofers might be able to find a way to stop the water getting into your house without actually fixing your neighbour’s roof. Of course, that does mean you’ll have to pay for the work, which isn’t ideal.

It’s always advisable to save court action as a last resort. This can be costly and will inevitably lead to greater tensions between you and your neighbour. However, it’s best to take pictures of the damage at each stage and keep all quotes or reports from roofers just in case.

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