Help! My Neighbour is Stalling Over Shared Roof Repairs

Whether it’s water ingress and leaks or a sagging roof, it’s important to get roof problems seen to as soon as possible. Unfortunately, things get a little complicated when your neighbours share the same roof.

Your neighbours need to agree to the repairs – and the costs – before work can begin. And things can get messy. So, what can you do when neighbours stall over shared roof repairs?

Shared roof – shared responsibility

There are a few scenarios in which a shared roof repair is necessary. The first is for flats. Multiple flats in one property means several property owners or leaseholders sharing the same roof. When something goes wrong, it’s usually up to them to split the bill. This will be outlined more specifically in the lease.

Shared roof repairs may also be necessary for houses. Terraced or semi-detached properties may require roof repairs where two properties meet. There could also be structural problems stretching across several properties which need to be rectified.

Urgent roof repairs

Whatever the case, shared roof repairs aren’t something to stall over. If left alone, a broken roof will eventually cause more serious problems as water gets into your property. It could even interfere with your home’s electrics – not to mention that of your neighbour’s property.

With that in mind, it’s best to be direct when it comes to shared roof repairs. Speak to your neighbour as soon as possible, then get a detailed quote from a reputable roofing company. With this, you can clearly show your neighbour what costs they’re responsible for, and why.

If your neighbour is slowing things down, tell them you have no option other than to get the works done. And, most importantly, insist on a shared cost. There’s no reason for you to be out of pocket when paying for a shared roof.

Need some help?

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