Gutter Sizes: What You Need to Know

Whether you’re fitting new gutters or just concerned that your existing guttering is inadequate, gutter size is an important consideration for any property. Read on as we take a closer look at gutter sizing, why it matters and how to get it right.

Why gutter sizes matter

While it might seem trivial, having the wrong size gutters can lead to a lot more problems further down the line.

Too small

Firstly, gutters that are too small won’t be able to handle the amount of rainfall running off your roof. They’ll overflow whenever the rain gets heavy, or you’ll even see rainwater running straight past them if they’re too narrow.

When gutters don’t catch rainwater, it can run onto your exterior walls or even around your foundations, which will cause much more expensive problems than any guttering repairs.

Undersized gutters are also more susceptible to blockages from leaves, twigs and other debris. As a result, they’ll require more frequent cleaning to keep them doing a sub-par job at best.

Too big

So, just go big, right? Wrong. Gutters that are too big will look unsightly on your home. They’ll negatively impact the kerb appeal, which could put off buyers further down the line. Above all else, larger gutters will put a bigger hole in your pocket, when there’s really no need.

Consider the size of your roof

The right size of gutters for your home will depend on both the size and pitch of your roof. Needless to say, larger roofs will have more rainwater running off them, while steeper roofs will let rainwater run off quicker.

Firstly, measure your roof. You should calculate the surface area of each roof plane – that’s each individual flat surface on your roof – then add them all together.

Next, consider the pitch of your roof. This essentially adds to the size of your roof in terms of how much rainfall the gutters will need to deal with:

  • 3:12 or 15° (or less) – Stick with your original figure
  • 4:12-5:12 or 18.5-22.5° – add 5 percent
  • 6:12-8:12 or 26.5-33.5° – add 10 percent
  • 9:12-11:12 or 37-42.5° – add 20 percent
  • 12:12 or 45° (or more) – add 30 percent

Get guttering that works for your roof

Size is the first hurdle when it comes to gutters. Next, there’s the correct position and slope, before the small matter of installation. At DPR Roofing, we’ll make sure every aspect of your guttering is spot on, so you can rest assured it is guiding rainwater down your drains and safely away from your building.

If you’d like to find out more about our guttering services in Wakefield, give us a call on 01924 255 677 or email [email protected].