How Much Value Will a New Roof Add to My Home?

Are you looking to sell your home? If so, it could be a good idea to re-evaluate the condition of its roof. As one of the first thing that a prospective buyer will see from the outside – as well as a chief contributing factor to the longevity and energy-efficiency of a property – the roof is all-important in determining the selling price of your house.

While it might seem like a new roof is an expensive and time-consuming undertaking, it’s helpful to consider it more like an investment. That’s because the value it can add to your home often far exceeds the outlay you must part with initially. For those interested in learning more, here’s a deeper dive into the specifics of the subject.

A healthy return on investment

For many people looking to use a home improvement to add value to their property, the first things that come to mind are often renovating the kitchen or bathroom. It might surprise you to learn, however, that a new roof can be far more profitable than either of those projects when it comes to selling up.

That’s according to research conducted by peer-to-peer platform Zopa, which concludes that replacing the roof on your house can afford you a 63% return on investment (ROI). That’s considerably more than the 49% and 48% ROIs of kitchen and bathroom renovations, respectively. What that means in concrete terms is that if you spend the average amount of £4,150 on replacing your roof, you can expect to enjoy around a £6,750 increase in the selling price of your home.

Of course, the above facts and figures are rules of thumb and are not applicable to all situations. The exact ROI and increase in value that a roof will contribute to your property will depend upon a number of factors, including the size of the roofing area, the materials and style chosen and the quality of the work.

Other ways a new roof can enhance your selling potential

When a prospective buyer visits your home, they will be on the lookout for defects as well as strong points in your property. A faulty, aging or unsightly roof can therefore detract from the price they’re willing to pay, since they will likely factor in the cost of replacing the roof themselves.

But in addition to adding potentially thousands of pounds to the price your property can command in the market, there are a number of other benefits that hiring a professional roofing contractor to conduct the work can bring. These include:

  • Safety and longevity – Over time, what start out as minor issues can accumulate and severely compromise the structural integrity of your roof. Things like dry rot, damp and cracked tiling are prime examples of such niggles. Replacing a new roof solves them in a single stroke, while the average lifespan of 70 years for slate and tile roofs and 50 years for flat roofs means it will stand the test of time, too.
  • Energy-efficiency – Did you know that the biggest source of heat loss in your home is through the roof? A new roof fitted by experienced professionals will incorporate adequate insulation and ventilation, keeping heat in and preventing humidity or dampness. This, in turn, will result in reduced energy consumption around the home, which translates to lower energy bills for you and whoever lives in the property after you.
  • Selling time – All of the aforementioned benefits that a new roof can bring can contribute to a faster selling process, as well. That’s because with enhanced curb appeal, improved energy-efficiency and greater peace of mind about the roof’s durability, the whole property will become that much more attractive to prospective buyers. In today’s competitive market, you can expect a house with a new roof to sell far more quickly than one without.

Professional roofing replacement in Wakefield

There’s no point in spending thousands of pounds on a new roof if the work is substandard. Thankfully, DPR Roofing have been providing roof replacement services for homes throughout Wakefield and the surrounding area for many years, boosting their value in the process.

Our work comes with a guarantee of up to 10 years, which means you can rest assured it is covered in any eventuality. With more than three decades of experience and umpteen glowing customer reviews behind us, we’re the premier choice for new roofs in Wakefield and get beyond. Start the ball rolling on a new roof for your home by calling 01924 255 677 or sending an email to [email protected].