Should I Install A New Roof In Winter

When’s the best time to install a new roof? Most would assume it’s summer, because it’s warm and dry, and they would be right. Summer and its typically dry weather make for perfect roofing conditions. But sometimes, a new roof just can’t wait. Read on as we explore whether winter roof installations are a sensible option.

Why does weather matter?

There are several reasons why weather matters when installing a new roof. Firstly, for basic practicality. Cold, windy or wet weather understandably makes it much more difficult to work, meaning installing a new roof could take much longer. Similarly, most roofing contractors will stop work on days where it is too wet or windy, for health and safety reasons.

On top of that, some roofing materials can be affected by the cold or wet weather, making them harder – or even impossible – to use. Tiles, for example, can freeze in low temperatures, meaning they could crack or break when you try to nail them down.

Popularity through the seasons

Because of these weather issues, summer is the ideal time for roofers to work on your property. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the most popular. Autumn tends to be the peak period for roof replacements, as the weather is still relatively calm and homeowners want to prepare for the approaching winter.

But sometimes, needs must…

All that said, sometimes a winter roof replacement is necessary. That’s why winter is still a busy period for roofing contractors. If your roof has undergone serious damage, it’s best to get a replacement as soon as possible. Leaving a badly damaged roof in the rain and cold will only lead to more damage, which could even cause damage to other parts of your home through leaks or falling parts.

The upside of UK winters

As much as we try to exaggerate, UK winters are nowhere near as bad as the likes of Canada and the US. Freezing temperatures aren’t as common, nor are severe winds and heavy rain. While winter makes roofing almost impossible across the pond, it’s more of an inconvenience in the UK. Good roofing contractors will be able to work around spells of bad weather if necessary to ensure your roofing work is completed safely and to a high standard

Get the job done right

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