Winter is the most challenging time of the year for your roof, with colder temperatures and more rainfall than any other season. However, those conditions also make it tricky when it comes to repairing or inspecting your roof. Bit of a vicious circle, right?

In this post, we’ll look at whether roofers can work in winter – and any limitations.

Yes we can

The good news is that, by and large, roofers can work in winter. Despite the generally bad conditions, it’s possible to complete most jobs in the winter, especially as the UK’s weather isn’t particularly extreme.

Most important of all, roofers do work in the winter. After all, not many of us have the privilege of taking three months off work! That said, there are a few things to consider with winter roofing…

Weather permitting

There are some instances where it will simply be too wet or windy to complete a job. Not only would this risk the safety of the roofers working on your home, it could lead to a substandard job or unnecessary damage to your roof.

Don’t worry. Any good roofer will bear this in mind, letting you know as early as possible if they’re unable to complete work on your roof.

Shorter days

Another consideration is the lack of daylight in winter, with the sun setting at around 4pm at the peak of winter. Needless to say, roofers need light to get the job done. While artificial lighting is an option, it’s not really best practice.

Put simply, with such short days in winter, you can expect roofers to have a bit less time to fit you in.

Extra demand

On top of that, roofers will typically get a lot more calls in winter as the temperatures drop and the rain starts falling. After spending most of the year thinking their roof is fine, people will realise that their roof isn’t in the best condition and call on their local roofer to help.

That’s fair enough. But it does add to the issue of roofers being booked up throughout winter.

Get in early – choose spring summer or autumn and not winter

Given that roofers are extra-busy, with less hours of daylight and have to work around the weather, our best advice is to get in early. Wherever possible, book a thorough roof inspection rather than waiting for leaks to occur.

Or, if you’ve noticed that your roof is leaking, make sure to get on the phone straight away. We can guarantee that a small repair now will be quicker, easier and cheaper than whatever happens if you ignore the problem. Water will just continue to get in, spread and cause further damage.

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