8 Pros and Cons of Cherry Pickers for Roofing

Whether you require work on a domestic roof or a commercial building, the roofline can be an awkward place to access and work on. Most roofers use a variety of methods to get to these areas, such as scaffolding. But cherry pickers are now a handy piece of equipment that many contractors now possess.

At DPR Roofing in Wakefield, we have invested in a state-of-the-art powered access boom that allows easier access to roof spaces. It’s not just ideal for domestic properties – it’s perfect for larger commercial building projects too.

So, what are the benefits of using a cherry picker for roofing? Check out the pros and cons of this equipment below:

Pros of using a cherry picker for roofing projects

There are several advantages of using a cherry picker, such as:

Safety at heights

By definition, roofing jobs are completed at height, and there are numerous health and safety aspects to consider in this type of project. Using a cherry picker makes this element safer for a number of reasons:

  • They can be used at different levels and are steadier than a ladder, for example.
  • There is a cage around you while you work at heights – reducing the risk of falling.
  • You can stand in a comfortable position rather than leaning or balancing on ladders or scaffolding.

Safety at height is a priority in roofing work. Using a cherry picker reduces the risk of accidents if used properly.

Mobile and adaptable

The challenge with roofing work is the ability to reach everywhere you need without having to manoeuvre equipment constantly. With a cherry picker, you have more mobility and accessibility to roof spaces, even those areas in awkward spots.

You have increased reach when comparing this equipment to a ladder or scaffolding. For example, climbing a ladder only offers you an arm’s length and limited positions along the roofline. Scaffolding does provide better access, but this takes time to set up.

The difference with a cherry picker is you can easily reach spaces, and the setup is practically instantaneous. It also means the workers don’t need to be in high positions for lengthy periods as work may be completed quicker.

Versatile equipment

A cherry picker is a versatile piece of equipment, and more contractors are using it to carry out different projects. Not only does it make roofing projects easier, especially in awkward and very high areas, but you can also use it for other at-height jobs. For example, storm damage requires a quick response, particularly to make buildings safe in public areas.

In addition, contractors can make assessments from a better viewpoint and conduct surveys more efficiently.

Ideal for awkward spaces

Roofs are rarely a straightforward job to complete. Many have awkward areas or challenging rooflines that ladders and scaffolding make it difficult to reach. However, a cherry picker opens this access and allows a simpler and more efficient way to get to hard-to-reach spots.

Cherry pickers also make both indoor and outdoor roofing projects easier for commercial buildings. They can be moved inside, such as warehouses, to repair or replace roofs without too much disruption.

Perfect for assessments and surveys

Carrying our surveys and assessments on roofs is typically challenging due to the height and sometimes-awkward areas not visible via traditional access methods. However, a cherry picker makes light work of surveys, and you can get the job done more quickly.


Another bonus of using a cherry picker is roofing contractors can work to the highest quality, as work doesn’t have to be rushed due to height issues. Work can also be completed more efficiently as access is easier. This can speed up the job without adding additional risk.

Cons of using a cherry picker for roofing projects

While using a cherry picker for a roofing job is mostly advantageous, there are a few areas to consider for this piece of equipment:


Sometimes hiring a cherry picker does cost more than other access methods, such as scaffolding and ladders. However, this is typically balanced out by other factors of the project. Using a cherry picker reduces time and adds benefits such as mobility and easy access to the work. So, the benefits may outweigh the added cost.

Another factor of the cost depends on the job. For example, it may cost less for some projects to hire a cherry picker, as you only need it for a few days. In comparison, setting up scaffolding for the same timeframe may be more expensive due to the setup time.

If a roofing contractor has a cherry picker as part of their service, this can bring the cost down compared to hiring one. However, if the equipment has to be hired, aspects such as VAT, cherry picker size, and transport costs must also be factored in.

Delays and availability issues

The availability of cherry pickers for a project could cause issues if there are limited numbers available to hire in your area. This is rectified easily if you choose a roofing specialist with high-level access equipment. For example, DPR Roofing offers this service with a 2-man powered boom that is available for a range of domestic and commercial roofing projects.

Having to wait for available cherry pickers could delay a project, or you may have to compromise on other methods, which could take longer.

Professional high-level access roofing services in Wakefield

If you think you’ll need a cherry picker for your roof repairs, it’s helpful to turn to professionals with the equipment available immediately. At DPR Roofing, our investment in high-level access equipment means we can complete jobs quickly and efficiently and carry out repairs and replacements even in hard-to-reach areas.

This equipment also enables us to provide a timely emergency call-out service to rectify issues in safe conditions for our team and those around the site. Want to find out more? Contact our team on 01924 255677 to arrange a quote.