Having issues with your house? Your roof might be to blame. While many homeowners see their roof as a simple, unremarkable part of their property, it actually contributes to several aspects of your home.

Read on as we look at four property problems that could be down to your roof.

1. Leaks

Okay, some leaks are obviously down to your roof. When water is dripping through the upstairs ceiling, you can almost certainly put it down to the home’s umbrella. However, your roof should do more than simply stop water getting in at the top.

There are other leaks that could be indirectly cause by your roof and guttering. Any water that’s getting into your property – upstairs or downstairs, walls or ceilings, or even in the cellar – is likely down to your roof.

Broken guttering can cause water to pour down the side of a building, break down the pointing and seep into walls, for instance.

2. Cold

Feeling the cold inside your house? Or is it just difficult to maintain the right temperature? This could also be down to your roof. All buildings have a thermal envelope comprising the floor, walls, windows, doors and roof. Because these components separate your home from the outdoors, they are responsible for keeping in heat.

While many homeowners will spend big money replacing their windows and doors or installing cavity wall insulation, most forget the importance of their roof. Any gaps or worn-down materials will inevitably let heat out and make it difficult to heat your home.

3. Low valuation

We all have a ballpark figure in mind for the value of our homes, based on what we bought them for and how much other homes have risen in value. But what if the estate agent’s valuation isn’t as high as the figure expected? It could be your roof – not least because the potential buyer will need to fix it.

A roof in a bad condition can also significantly affect kerb appeal, one of the biggest influencers on a house’s value. On top of that, it could cast a bad light on the rest of your property, causing estate agents to lower their valuation.

4. Difficulty selling

After valuation comes the sale. Sometimes, no matter how much interest you get, your property just won’t sell. If buyers are pulling out of the sale, your roof could be at fault.

As well as a basic lender’s valuation, most buyers will have the property surveyed before completing a purchase. If the survey shows that your roof is in a bad condition, many buyers will lose interest and pull out. Because they’re under no obligation to share the survey’s findings with you then you could go months without realising your roof is causing sales to fall through.

The solution – an inspection

Whether it’s a leak, cold house or problem selling, a professional roof inspection is the only guaranteed way to find out whether your roof is at fault. At DPR Roofing, we have decades of experience inspecting and repairing roofs in and around Wakefield.

If you’ve encountered any of the problems above, we’d be happy to help with a thorough inspection, advice and repairs where required.