Why Roof Inspections Are Vital After Storm Arwen

Storm Arwen wreaked havoc on the UK in November, with high winds and snow across Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north of England. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the impact of the storm and how a roof inspection can protect you going forward.

How bad was Storm Arwen?

Snow is often a welcome surprise as we head towards Christmas. Unfortunately, that wasn’t all that came from Storm Arwen. While temperatures dropped to 8°C, below the November average, the most notable impact came from the wind.

According to the Met Office, Arwen was “one of the most powerful and damaging winter storms of the last decade”. The storm brought winds which gusted widely over 69mph, peaking at 98mph in Northumberland.

That caused trees to fall across northern parts of the UK, which had a number of knock-on effects. Over a million homes were hit by power losses. Ferry and rail services were severely disrupted. That was topped off by serious road disruption, including overturned vehicles. Sadly, there were also three fatalities when people were struck by falling trees.

Bad weather exposes problems

With Arwen abating on 27th November, the main impact of the storm has thankfully passed. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of its legacy. In early December, for example, the BBC reported how thousands of homes were still without power due to falling trees bringing down power lines.

However, there’s also the issue of unnoticed damage. If wind is strong enough to fell trees, it’s capable of damaging a building too. As the umbrella to your property, your roof is one of the most critical areas to check after any storm.

High winds can get hold of any loose parts on your roof and blow them out of place. That could be guttering, flashing or the tiles themselves. Alternatively, larger pieces of debris can be carried by the wind and cause parts of your roof to break.

The importance of a professional inspection

If your roof has been damaged by Storm Arwen, you might not notice at all. It’s hard to spot minor issues or even cracked tiles from ground level, and it’s never advisable to go up on your roof without the right training – especially when the weather is still pretty bad.

If problems aren’t identified and repaired, they will only get worse. Even the smallest break in your roof’s covering will let water through, and even then, you might not spot it immediately. The result is weeks or even months of water ingress and the problems that come with it.

Not with a professional inspection. An experienced roofer can safely access your roof to check every last inch of it up close. Any issues that have been caused by Storm Arwen – or other weather throughout the year – can be dealt with to make sure your property is protected.

Book an inspection today

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