When conducting a roof check, many homeowners scramble to inspect things such as broken tiles, cracked or broken flashing and a build-up of water-retaining moss or lichen. Whilst these may be the most immediately apparent problems to a roof, cleaning your gutter is equally as important to your roof’s wellbeing.

Why is my gutter important?

It may not be the most glamorous part of your home, but your guttering system has the extremely important job of making sure rainwater flows into your drain and doesn’t back up in to home via the roof edge.

A blocked or cracked gutter can result in water soaking through your gutter in to your home through the walls, causing costly roof repairs in the short term and serious structural damage in the long term. An unkempt gutter can also pose a dangerous health risk to you and your family; dampness can result in mould that can onset respiratory problems, skin conditions, fevers and nausea, all of which are easily avoided by a regular gutter check.

How do I maintain it effectively?

There are multiple things you should look out for when inspecting your gutter:

Unblocking debris

This is the most obvious part of the check and also the most important. Leaves and twigs are one of the biggest causes of blocked guttering and, resultantly, expensive roof repairs. Aim to have cleared your guttering as soon as you notice it becoming clogged – your wallet will thank you later.

Trim your trees

One of the biggest causes of gutter debris is overhanging branches, as these are the primary source of both leaves and twigs. You should, therefore, aim to trim any overhanging branches within a ten feet radius of your roof so that any falling debris lands on your garden floor and not in your gutter.

Clean your roof

An essential part of maintaining your gutter is clearing any debris that’s collected on your roof itself, as this may also fall into your guttering system and result in cracks or blockages. Always engage a roofer and do not attempt such works yourself.

Run water along your roof

Once you’ve had your gutters cleared your gutter of any debris, you need to ensure that your fallpipes aren’t blocked. The easiest way to do this is to run a hosepipe along your roof; this will not only make sure there aren’t any internal blockages in your pipes, but it’ll also allow you to identify if your gutter is at a steep enough incline to allow water to run down it effectively. Check for leaks at joints and also if it overflows as will suggest the gutter is falling the wrong way.

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