Top 5 Most Incredible Roofs in the World

Whether it’s flat, pitched or something completely different, every roof is important for the property it’s covering. It provides essential protection from rain, wind and whatever else the weather can throw at it. That said, there are some roofs which stand out for their impressive design and installation. In this post, we look at 5 outstanding roofs from around the world…

Sydney Opera House, Australia

The roof of the Sydney Opera House is probably the most iconic in the world. It’s made up of several concrete shells or panels, which took several years to design in the 1950s-60s.

Grand Palace, Thailand

The Grand Palace in Bangkok is known for its unashamed eccentricity. The roof was constructed in the late 1700s, with gilded spires and gold tips still impressing visitors over 230 years later.

Casa Mila, Barcelona

While most of Barcelona’s visitors will point out La Sagrada Familia as the most notable landmark, the city is also home to Gaudi’s last private residence, Casa Mila. The roof comprises 28 chimneys, four domes and six stairwells among what looks like a true work of art.

Eden Project, England

The Eden Project is an educational charity promoting sustainability and showcasing biodiversity. Their visitor centre in Cornwall is housed in two impressive Biome buildings. Each is made up of transparent hexagonal and pentagonal windows, strong enough to hold the weight of a car.

Dubrovnik Rooftops, Croatia

It’s hard not to notice the distinctive red-tiled roofs of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. What’s even more impressive is that they had to be reconstructed following conflict in the 1990s, which destroyed more than 70% of the roof tiles. The reconstruction project, coordinated by UNESCO, used over 200,000 terracotta roof tiles.

What about your roof?

You might not think of your roof as a work of art, but it will certainly get noticed by visitors or potential buyers. DPR Roofing installs top-rate commercial and domestic roofing across Wakefield, so you can make your property stand out for all the right reasons.