When you’re selling a property, it’s understandable that you want to get the best price possible. That’s why a lot of homeowners decorate and make basic repairs before putting their house on the market. A little bit of investment can go a long way in attracting buyers and bumping up the price. So, how about your roof?

If your roof is in a bad state, or even broken and leaking, it’s going to put buyers off and could take a considerable amount off your asking price. Read on as we discuss whether it’s worth having your roof repaired before selling a property.

Evaluating the damage

The first question to ask yourself is: how bad is the state of your roof? Small impairments or general wear and tear, such as cracked tiles, are easy to replace and don’t cost much. In most cases, this added cost will be worth the payout as it avoids your house price being dragged down.
For larger problems, like a leaking roof, you need to decide whether the investment is worth the pay-off – especially if you’re short on money. Unfortunately, these problems don’t go unnoticed, and buyers will try to knock as much off the house price as they can, using these problems as leverage. Again, it’s almost always worth the extra cost to avoid even more being knocked off your property sale.

What condition is the home in?

There are some scenarios when a roof repair isn’t worth it. One is when the property is generally in quite a bad condition. Having the roof repaired on a dilapidated property might go unnoticed for the buyer. Of course, that’s even more the case if you’re selling the house as a renovation project or even a complete tear-down.

If your roof is in such a bad state that it needs replacing altogether, this could be another complicated scenario. Why? It’s essential to get the right roof replacement for your property before selling. A cheap roof could affect the price of your property much like a damaged one. Similarly, for repairs, a quick fix could be pretty obvious to buyers and surveyors, so it’s important to get the job done properly.

Weighing things up

All in all, it’s up to you to consider whether the roof repairs are worth the cost. Get a quote for the repairs and speak to surveyors about how the damage will affect your property’s price. In most cases it will be worth repairing, because the potential buyer will want to factor in the “worst case scenario” for repair costs themselves.

It’s not all about cost though. Consider time and effort too. Selling property can be stressful, and damage such as an unrepaired roof can make it drag on longer. Even if you won’t make back the full cost of roof repairs from your sale, it may be worth doing it to save time, avoid hassle and minimise estate agent fees.

Time to act?

If you’re looking to repair your property’s roof before selling, DPR Roofing can help. We are expert roofing contractors based in Wakefield, with over 28 years’ experience. Covering everything from new roofs and roof replacements to repairs and inspections, we can make sure your roof doesn’t bring down the value of your property and prepare you for a hassle-free sale. Contact us today to discuss your roofing needs.