If they’re installed and maintained to a high standard, flat roofs can prove a worthwhile alternative to a pitched roof. That said, they can easily become vulnerable to the ever-changing weather if not installed correctly. So, what exactly does a flat roof need to perform properly? Read on as we go through our 5-point checklist for your flat roof.

1. Deck strength and structure

A roof’s deck is its core. It’s the structure onto which a roof is constructed. And, as such, it’s essential to the roof’s performance. Your roof’s deck needs to be able to support the weight of all materials and any loads – maintenance workers or pressure from water – which it will need to withstand.

2. Falls or drainage

When water falls on pitched roofs, it runs off the sloped planes. On flat roofs, there needs to be adequate structures to allow water to clear from the surface as quickly as possible. This requires a minimum fall gradient of 1:40 with adequate drainage around the roof’s perimeter.

3. Waterproof membrane

The material, or membrane, is understandably an essential component of a flat roof. It keeps the roof waterproof, forcing water to run off into the roof’s gutter system. With this in mind, the membrane needs to be durable and remain waterproof to protect the roof.

4. Insulation and U values

New and refurbished flat roofs need to meet a minimum U value to adhere to building regulations. The U value corresponds to the rate of heat loss from a building through a specific element, such as roof, wall or floor. As such, flat roofs need to have a low enough U value to keep a property insulated adequately.

5. Ventilation for air flow

As with any roof, ventilation is essential to keep air flowing. This stops moisture building up, which could eventually lead to damp. If this has become a problem, your flat roof may be lacking in ventilation, or may need some insulation removing to allow better air flow.

How to check your roof

It’s one thing knowing what’s required of a roof, but it’s another task figuring out whether the ventilation or membrane is adequate. The important thing here is not to go it alone. Performing work or inspections on roofs without training is dangerous to both yourself and your property. Instead, it’s best to get a professional inspection to pinpoint what’s wrong and the best way to fix it.

Roofing professionals in Wakefield

DPR Roofing in Wakefield is a team of specialist roofing contractors. With over 30 years’ experience in roofing, we understand exactly what is required for high-performing flat roofs. Whether it’s a flat roof installation, replacement or just simple maintenance and repairs, we provide a cost-effective solution that will stand the test of time. For more information on our flat roofing services, be sure to contact our team today.