So, you need to find a roofing company? Homeowners and commercial property managers have a choice – go for a local contractor or search further afield. Which should you choose? While you may stumble across a number of alternatives, there are a range of benefits to going local. Read on as we look at 8 advantages of local roofing companies.

  1. References

When you’re searching for a roofing contractor, you want a company you can trust. References are a great solution. Companies will ideally provide you with testimonials from past customers or clients, to back up their customer service and quality of their work. When this is a local company, you’re more likely to recognise some of the references – whether businesses or individuals. You may even know somebody who has used that contractor before. With companies further afield, however, it’s much harder to tell if the references are genuine.

  1. Accessibility

Arguably the most obvious advantage of a local roofing company is the location. Rather than being from another town or region, they’re local to you. The result? It’s much easier for them to get to you. For one, that means a quicker response for callouts and emergencies like a badly leaking roof. It also reduces the chance of travel disruption or lateness because of bad weather or heavy traffic. That’s less hassle for you, and a quicker solution should anything go wrong.

  1. Value for money

Reducing the amount of travel time could also improve the value you’re getting. Contractors often consider how long it takes them – or how much it could cost – to get to jobs, especially if it’s an ongoing project. With local firms taking less time, it’s possible that you’ll get a better deal from them. This could be a better price or could just mean more of your money is going towards materials and labour. Either way, you’re not wasting money paying for an out-of-town company to get to the job.

  1. Availability

Many roofing companies are booked up at peak times, making it difficult to find someone who can fit your job into their calendar in the coming weeks. That might be fine if you’re just looking for a general inspection but if you’ve got a problem that needs fixing, you want it to be done as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could find it developing and costing more to repair. Local roofing companies are more likely to take your job on because they can get to it quicker. They are more likely to already be in the area and could even fit it in between jobs.

  1. Service

Local firms usually offer a better service to their clients. Why? For one, it’s because they’re more personal. They are a company from your area and are part of your community. You may have mutual contacts and can meet them on a more regular basis. On top of that, it’s because local companies are more reliant on you. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool – arguably the most important in some sectors. With that in mind, local companies want to ensure you’re happy in the hope that you spread the word with people you know from the area they operate in.

  1. Aftercare

What happens if you encounter a problem after work has been completed? Or if your roof needs regular maintenance after installation? Ideally, you want the same company to work on it, as they already have knowledge of your roof. With out-of-town contractors, you may have difficulty getting them back for a quick callout or repair job, or even just for support over the phone. However, when you choose a local roofing company, they’re there after the job for any repairs, inspections and support or aftercare in the future. Even better, they can get to it quickly for regular inspections or maintenance.

  1. Local knowledge

Another advantage of choosing a local roofing company is their knowledge of the local area. The type of roofing you require may depend on your surrounding environment. If you’re in an area which endures particularly heavy rainfall or high winds, for instance, you may need to use specific roofing materials which can withstand this pressure. A local roofing company will be well aware of this and can provide you with the perfect solution for your property. There’s also the issue of building regulations, which may vary by areas or councils. For a new roof, you may even need Building Regulations approval or planning permission in some cases. That’s not even considering listed properties or those in conservation areas. In any case, a local firm is better placed to communicate with local authorities and can ensure the process is completed as quickly as possible.

  1. Boost the local community

On top of all the direct advantages, selecting a local roofing company is a great way to help your local community. Local roofing companies often buy supplies from local businesses, they employ and train local people and, in turn, boost the local economy. Put simply, choosing a local roofing company is better for your town, which could benefit you indirectly in the long run.

Local roofers in Wakefield

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