Wondering whether your flat roof needs fixing, or even replacing? Unlike sloped roofs, you can’t see tiles eroding, breaking down or coming loose. But it’s essential to get work done as soon as possible, to prevent bigger problems developing on your residential or commercial property. So, how can you tell when it’s time for repairs? There are a few things to look for, as we’ll explore in this post.  

  1. Leaks

It’s number one on the list for a reason. Leaks are a clear sign that your roof needs fixing. Sure, it might be obvious, but you would be shocked how many people put up with leaks, or try to patch them up from the inside. You only see ‘the tip of the iceberg’ inside and all sorts of hidden damage will be occurring such as wet and dry rot and damage to electrics to name just a few. A quick fix roof repair for a small amount of money can save many thousands of pounds if left untouched.  

  1. Dark streaks

Leaks aren’t always a stream of water, or even a constant drip. Sometimes, water can seep through without being obvious. Dark streaks/yellow to brown staining on your ceiling, or at the top of walls can also indicate that water is getting through the roof.  

  1. Water pooling

Not all signs of decline are evident from inside the property. Another indicator that your roof needs fixing is when water begins to pool. It’s inevitable that some water will gather on a flat roof, as this is one of their drawbacks. However, if water regularly pools for more than more than 48 hours, your roof may need some work as it is most likely taking in water and sagging the decking boards.  

  1. Rips or tears in roofing material

Over time, flat roofs become damaged by general wear and tear. This results in small splits or holes in the roofing material, especially along joins or seams. As with most problems, the splits will become larger if left unrepaired, particularly through frost action. So, it’s best to inspect your roof regularly to catch problems early and potentially save yourself money  

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