headingley flat roof

Project type: Flat Roof

Location: Headingley

Work completed

DPR have recently completed a repair project to replace the flat roof of a double garage in Harrowby Road, Headingley, near Wakefield.

Before starting the flat roof repair project, DPR’s Wakefield Roofers first had to erect a temporary supporting roof structure to one corner of the flat roof. Once sturdy, the first phase included stripping and disposing of the damaged felt covering from the existing flat roof. Beneath the roof were damaged sections of roofing boards. These had to be replaced with new roof grade decking sheets.

Six defective timber joist ends had to be cut back, with specialist galvanised steel joist repair plates inserted into existing pockets and packed tight with blue slate, bolted in a tri-shank formation for extra strength.

The Wakefield Flat Roof was then re-felted in high performance fibre glass based polyester base

felts, green mineral edgings and upstands, chased into the wall and pointed to ensure a watertight seal. A solar reflective compound was then applied, which is essential in keeping the heat from causing damage. All the felt was then laid to hot bitumen and finally all gutters were replayed and replaced.

The Headingley customer was advised that whilst the new flat roof carried a five year guarantee, the solar compound should ideally be renewed on a 24 month basis for protection purposes.

A skip was hired from a local Headingley firm to remove all rubble and dispose at a registered Wakefield waste site.

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